Microblading is a procedure using tiny little needles that are formed to shape a blade and used to etch hair like lines into the skin.

Microblading is considered to be semi-permanent as it does not penetrate the dermis like the traditional tattoos we know today. It is inserted into the epidermis of the skin to allow for a finer, crisper line. Typically microblading lasts between 1 and 3 years. For those that like their brows to look perfect all of the time 12-18 month touch ups may be required.

Microblading is typically completed in two visits.
The first visit usually lasts about 2 hours. Most of that time is spent on shaping the brows to be sure the client likes what they see before microblading takes place. The second is performed 4-6 weeks later once the skin has completely healed.
The Perfection Session takes one hour and is necessary to tweak any imperfections or areas of the brow in which the skin rejected.
Normally 15-20% of the tattoo has disappeared and needs to be touched up.

This process cannot be done by just anyone. Jannha Medispa has chosen Certified PhiBrow Artist, Laura Reina.
If you are interested in microblading, we urge you to do your research.
Closely look at the before and after photos. Laura is a master artist who is certified with many years of experience.

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