Before You Go On Your Vacation – Jannha’s Checklist

Jannha Medispa
Jannha Medispa
  1. Healthy Detox – Detoxing before a vacation can help your body lose extra pounds and help your skin’s appearance. Lindsey, our Aesthetician recommends Juice of the Raw for a healthy detox and cleansing experience. Juice cleansing involves consuming only fruits and vegetables in the form of juice. Lindsey noted that her juice cleanse improved her health, mood and appearance. In addition, to detoxing before your vacation it is also recommend to cleanse your system after a vacation, especially if you have overindulged in high-caloric food or beverages.
  2. Beach Body Workout – High intensity interval training using maximum effort such as Burpees, Stairmaster, Jumping Jacks, Jump Rope and Mountain Climbers will get your heart rate up. The goal is to lean out and tone your body. Always balance cardio and strength training to tone your figure in combination with a healthy diet. This high intensity training should be 2-3 times a week at 30-minute intervals.
  3. Deep Cleanse Facial – If you have not started a skin care regimen for yourself, now is the time! As soon as you book your vacation or as early as 3 months before your bon voyage date, you should begin to prepare your skin to look it’s best. Everyone wants to look fresh and beautiful everyday while on vacation, but more importantly you don’t want to spend long hours covering your skin with makeup to camouflage breakouts or irritated skin. Our favorite facial for most skin types is the Hydrafacial. The Hydrafacial combines spa therapies with medical technology to cleanse, exfoliate, extract, hydrate and nourish your skin. The Hydrafacial is the royal treatment!
  4. Waxing – A few days before your vacation day schedule your full body waxing so that your skin will be smooth and irritation free for your entire trip. Stop shaving at least 2 weeks before your scheduled waxing appointment. Jannha Medispa offers waxing services in a relaxing Spa style atmosphere.
  5. Spray Tan – Less clothes means more skin, and if your vacation takes you to the balmy warm climates of the Caribbean or Mediterranean, you don’t want to look like you haven’t been in the sun for months (even if you haven’t). Blending in with the locals means your skin needs to look tan and healthy. A spray tan just a few days before take-off will give your skin that much needed sun-kissed glow. Remember to exfoliate the day before your spray tan and moisturize after.
  6. Stock up on SPF – A tinted sunscreen provides a range of defense against UVA/UVB while offering the protective properties of antioxidants. Skin Medica and SkinCeuticals products can be purchased at Jánnha MediSpa. Our Aesthetician, Lindsey recommends Total Defense and Repair by SkinMedica: “A revolutionary superscreen goes beyond UV protection to defend against harmful infrared rays while supporting the skin’s ability to restore itself.”

A vacation can be a 7-day trip overseas or a short weekend getaway. So, if you want to feel your best while you’re away from home it is important to be prepared. Buying a new outfit is always fun but healthy eating, consistent exercise and routine skin treatments will give you the ability to relax your mind knowing that your body looks beautiful every day.